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Griffin Design School

Griffin Design School appointed Coot Design Studio to design and develop a new website and mobile site, a logo, and spearhead their digital marketing strategy to facilitate better promotion of their school, drive students online, and raise and maintain brand awareness in Estonia.

Logo Design

Branding starts with a logo that tells a visual story of who the brand is. At Griffins School of Design & Management  they are inspired by the griffin bird, its mythical creature with lion body and eagles head. which was really adventures for us . It needed to be font-based and easy to read. 

The Design School

The Web Bureau developed an engaging online strategy focused on the following:

– Responsive website design – accessible on desktop, tablet, mobile

– A ‘Media Hub’ micro-site (The Green Room)

– Facebook competition and advertising campaign


– Remarketing/Display advertising campaign

– Email/EDM Marketing

Web Design

The Result

A successful launch of the website in which all targets have been met, Retina Ready, SEO, Speed Optimization, Content etc.